Angelus Waterproofing and Restoration

Angelus Waterproofing and Restoration

Commercial Waterproofing and Restoration Contractor

We have the expertise to protect the entire building envelope, from rooftops to basements, parking structures to public spaces, skyscrapers to churches, civic centers to sports stadiums, and hospitality centers to historical landmarks. Angelus has the experience to handle any new commercial waterproofing project or repair project to establish an impermeable moisture/air barrier. Call in our team of commercial waterproofing contractors.

Commercial waterproofing contractor in Los Angeles since 1984

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Traffic Coatings

In 2023, Angelus Waterproofing installed over 1.5 million square feet of elastomeric commercial traffic coating systems for vehicular parking and pedestrian decks.


Since 1984, Angelus has successfully completed over a thousand commercial waterproofing projects of every size and complexity, from Los Angeles to Chicago.


Angelus Waterproofing is a single-source, full-service provider of every kind of commercial roofing system, including those required to obtain LEED certification.


Angelus Waterproofing and Restoration services range from downtown commercial and residential structures to important historical buildings and landmarks.

Expansion Joints

Angelus Waterproofing has upgraded and installed many types of expansion joints, from heavy duty exterior traffic applications to interior cosmetic joints.


We apply commercial caulks and industrial sealants to ensure that holes and gaps are permanently sealed against climate changes, vibration, and movement.

Resinous Flooring

Angelus Waterproofing is a highly experienced commercial resinous flooring applicator specializing in the installation of all types of specialty flooring systems.

Window Glazing

Angelus Waterproofing has the expertise to repair failed window systems and restore every type of glazing from IGU's to multi-paned commercial and residential units.

Air Barriers

Working towards achieving LEED Platinum, NetZero Energy, and NetZero Water certifications, we install air barriers to create entire building envelopes.

Angelus was the commercial traffic coatings contractor for this parking structure in Los Angeles County, CA
Traffic Coatings, Beverly Hills

Commercial Traffic Coatings

Angelus boasts a remarkable track record, having completed over a thousand installations of vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings across ten states.

Last year, Angelus successfully installed commercial traffic coating systems covering an impressive area of 1.5 million square feet. Each project demanded the involvement of a seasoned team of professionals, equipped with the right tools and possessing extensive knowledge of the products involved.

  • Surfaces exposed to all types of vehicular traffic
  • Restoration and remodeling of new and existing parking structures
  • Bridges, roads, ramps, loading docks, and warehouses
  • Below grade and rooftop traffic coatings
  • Public areas designed for pedestrians and light vehicles
  • Outdoor patios, decks, and plazas

Traffic Coatings Section ❯

Angelus was chosen as the commercial waterproofing contractor for this project in Orange County, CA
Newport Beach Civic Center

Commercial Waterproofing Applications

Angelus is a leading commercial waterproofing contractor. We have the know-how to complete the most challenging waterproofing projects on time, on budget, and per spec. Our project managers and field technicians are experts and possess a vast knowledge in materials and installation techniques.

Angelus has the experience, expertise, and equipment for anything from below grade waterproofing to roof top coating applications.

  • Vehicular and pedestrian deck coating systems
  • Below-grade, between slab, and planter waterproofing
  • Elastomeric wall and anti-graffiti coatings
  • Air, moisture and vapor barriers
  • Negative side waterproofing systems
  • Storage tank, canal, pond, and reservoir coatings

Waterproofing Section ❯

Angelus was the commercial roofing contractor for this cool roof project  in Chicago, IL
Cool Roof Application, Chicago

Commercial Roofing Systems

Angelus is a single-source, full-service certified commercial roofing contractor, experienced in new, Solartube, and retrofit projects.

We conduct roofing surveys and provide expert recommendations to waterproof and extend the life of your new or existing roof. By applying a seamless monolithic coating system to any existing substrate or new surface, we can build an energy efficient, water resistant, durable roof that is long lasting, even under extreme weather conditions.

  • Monolithic seamless elastomer
  • PVC, SPF, and water-based, acrylic roofing
  • Install over existing roofs or tear-off and replace
  • Excellent UV resistance, durable to extreme weather conditions
  • CRRC Cool Roof and EnergyStar® listed
  • California Title 24 Compliant and LEED™ credits

Roofing Systems Section ❯

Historical and Commercial Restoration

Structures are designed and built with longevity in mind. Architects and engineers specify tough, time tested materials, such as concrete, masonry, and metal in their designs.

Although these materials are extremely strong and durable, if not properly protected and maintained, they will eventually deteriorate and fail. Protecting these materials from the elements, and properly repairing damage, is critical to preserve their functionality and extend their longevity.

  • Chemical grout and epoxy injection
  • Chemical, crack, and corrosion control
  • Historical restoration
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish System Repair (EIFS)
  • Structural strengthening
  • Carbon Fiber and Tyfo FRP wrap solutions

Restoration Section ❯

Our team of commercial restoration contractors worked on these projects in Los Angeles
Restoration Projects Completed, Los Angeles
Angelus was the commercial restoration contractor for this project in Los Angeles, CA

Expansion Joints Installation

Angelus employs a variety of expansion joint types, from pre-compressed to structural, to suit the needs of the application. We install joints on new construction and repair existing joint systems.

We have the expertise to create long lasting joints that allow multi-directional movement without damage to the adjacent surfaces.

  • Tie-in with the waterproofing system
  • Pre-compressed joint systems
  • Mechanical joint systems
  • Thermal & structural movement in multiple directions
  • Flush, inset, and covered expansion joints
  • Vertical expansion joints for tilt-up walls

Expansion Joints Section ❯

Commercial waterproofing and expansion joint project in Los Angeles county.
Montclair Plaza Parking Structure
Angelus Waterproofing and Restoration - caulking project in Los Angeles county.
Warner Brothers, Burbank

Caulking and Industrial Sealants

We have the knowledge, equipment and experienced workforce to caulk an entire project to ensure that it remains waterproof for a very long time. Angelus is an experienced commercial waterproofing contractor with the know how to select the best products and processes for each project.

We have Products and Processes available that can resist UV, Temperature, Humidity, Abrasion, and Vibration/Movement.

  • Single and multi-component sealants
  • Polyurethane sealant
  • Silicone sealant
  • Acrylic sealant
  • Hybrid sealants

Caulking Section ❯

Resinous Flooring Systems

We apply specialty flooring systems such as epoxy, polyaspartic, Sika ComfortFloor, and cementitious polyurethane to protect the concrete substrate.

Our specialized floor coating crews are experts in both materials and installation techniques. We have the equipment, experience, and expertise to complete even the most challenging flooring projects. These include USDA approved coating for food prep, and ESD and conductive flooring for electronics

  • Epoxy and urethane coating systems
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Cementitious polyurethane
  • Polyaspartic polyurea coating
  • Methacrylate flooring systems – MMA

Resinous Flooring Section ❯

Angelus-resinous flooring contractor project in L.A., CA
Resinous flooring project in San Diego, CA by Angelus Waterproofing

Window Glazing

Integrated Glazing Units, IGUs, were extremely popular for use on glass towers, starting in the 1980s. They look fantastic and provide an excellent combination of awesome views for the occupants and insulation for the building envelope.

Unfortunately, the seals of many of these IGUs have begun to fail, fog, and allow moisture intrusion. This is due to "solar pumping", the daily expansion and contraction process. Our technicians are experienced in repairing failed window systems and re-glazing them so that they can shine once again.

  • Correct fogged windows
  • Waterproof glazing
  • Replace worn seals, spacers, and gaskets
  • Remove and replace failed tinting
  • Repair warped frames
  • Bringing glass towers back to their former glory

Window Glazing Section ❯

Angelus- window glazing contractor project in Portland, OR
Portland International Airport
Commercial waterproofing and air barrier project in Los  by Angelus Waterproofing
Los Angeles International Airport

Air Barriers

Angelus is experienced in applying every type of air, vapor, and moisture barrier system, using sheet materials and applied coatings. Air Barriers form a superior protection from moisture intrusion than vapor barriers and can be permeable so that moisture can evaporate from within the interior walls.

We create a continuous air barrier as part of the building envelope, ensuring that all breaks and joints are completely sealed. These barriers also decrease thermal conduction and convection, decreasing heat loss and gains.

  • Seal the entire building envelope
  • Exterior air, vapor, odors, and moisture stay out
  • Interior moisture can permeate through walls
  • Sheet membrane
  • Fluid applied

Air Barriers Section ❯




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