Angelus Waterproofing and Restoration, Inc is a single-source, full-service provider of every kind of roofing system. Our certified installers are experienced in new and retrofit projects for large commercial, retail, medical, civic, and industrial customers throughout the West. We conduct roofing surveys and provide expert recommendations to waterproof and extend the life of your new or existing roof. Our complete cost breakdowns include the extensive tax advantages, rebates, energy savings, and building credits that are currently available in your area.

By applying a seamless monolithic coating system to any existing substrate or new surface, we can build an energy efficient, water resistant, durable roof that is long lasting, even under extreme weather conditions. Our new roofing materials are resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and extreme weather (including hail and high winds). Old, sagging, or uneven roofs can be retrofitted to become energy efficient, watertight, vapor permeable, protective barriers to the elements.

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303 Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA

Experienced with every roofing type:

• Acrylic latex

• Asphalt emulsion

• BUR (Built-Up Roofs)

• Cap sheet

• Cap sheet

• Conventional hot mop

• Corrugated Roofs

• EPDM roofing

• Metal Roofs

• Modified Bitumen

• Plywood

• Polyurethane Foam

• Previously Coated Roofs

• Single-Ply

• Smooth Surface Emulsion

Benefits and savings of retrofit roofing:

• Monolithic Seamless Elastomer

• Low Odor - no Shutdowns

• Water-based Coatings

• Safe - no hot kettles or open flames

• Durable to Extreme Weather Conditions

• Extended Roof Life

• Excellent UV Resistance

• CRRC Cool Roof Listed

• EnergyStar® Listed

• Retrofits can be 100% Tax Deductible

• California Title 24 Compliant

• Top Tier Utility Rebates

• US Green Building Council Highest
  LEED™ Credits

• Save up to 30% in Energy costs

• No tear-off costs or waste disposal