Floor Coatings

Angelus Waterproofing & Restoration, Inc. provides a wide array of specialty flooring systems designed to protect the concrete substrate. Our specialized floor coating crews are experts in both materials and installation techniques. We have the equipment, experience, and expertise to complete even the most challenging flooring projects. Please review the following list to learn more about some of the flooring services offered by Angelus Waterproofing & Restoration, Inc.

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Loma Linda University
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Lamborghini Dealer Showroom
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Factory Floor Coating
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Loma Linda University Medical Center

• Epoxy Coating Systems

• Urethane Coating Systems

• Chemical Resistant Coating Systems

• Abrasion Resistant Coating Systems

• USDA Approved Coating Systems

• ESD & Conductive Flooring Systems

• Cementitious Toppings

• Moisture Control Systems

• Urethane Cement Systems

• Polyurea Coating Systems

• Traffic Coating Systems